..."The book was great! It had a blend of different styles which made it interesting and kept it lively. There was never a dull moment as I always wanted to find out where Capallano's wit and humor led him. ....."The biggest thing I got out of reading it was a lot more certainty on what it's like to be a cop and it certainly changed my opinion on what they do. Honestly, I felt a great sense of pride and respect for the men in blue and Cappallano is what every young boy and man dreams a cop should be: Bold, witty, intellgent and dauntless." -MF


Routine Patrol Book
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Routine Patrol Coffee

  As a police officer and restaurant owner I have been in a continual search for the "Perfect cup of coffee". This has lead me from the supermarket to local coffee shops, diners (in which I have spent a lot of time) to specialty and gourmet coffees. Due to the fact that I am never without a cup of coffee in my hand (can you say addiction?) I needed a really smooth and flavorful brew that was naturally low in acidity and didn't give that weird chain store bitter taste that has become the usual. So I finally came upon what I believe is the finest flavor on earth -- 100% unadulterated Colombian Tropical Rain Forest Coffee. In the tradition of companies such as Ben and Jerry's, TOMS shoes and Paul Newman's Own a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Association of Police Organizations Assist Fund. This organization helps police officers and their families with everything from police related injuries to natural disaster relief such as the members of the service affected by Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing a hot cup of coffee with you one day.

- Marc Cosentino

Ashley Hirsch is greatly acknowledged for her graphic design skills in coming up with the logo.


Routine Patrol Cover 
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Night Patrol T-Shirt
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