..."The book was great! It had a blend of different styles which made it interesting and kept it lively. There was never a dull moment as I always wanted to find out where Capallano's wit and humor led him. ....."The biggest thing I got out of reading it was a lot more certainty on what it's like to be a cop and it certainly changed my opinion on what they do. Honestly, I felt a great sense of pride and respect for the men in blue and Cappallano is what every young boy and man dreams a cop should be: Bold, witty, intellgent and dauntless." -MF


About the Author

.....Marc Cosentino was born in the Bethesda Maryland Naval Hospital while his father was stationed nearby in the United States Marine Corps. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and became a Sgt. with the 87th Fighter Interceptor Squadron during his enlistment in the USAF. Soon after his Honorable Discharge he joined the NYPD and worked exclusively on patrol in the 120 Precinct in St. George Staten Island and the 67 precinct in East NY, Brooklyn. After attaining the rank of Sgt. in the NYPD, he left the force to pursue his dream of acting and ended up winning the Best Pizza in America and ultimately the World's Best Pizza along with brother Scot and brother in-law EJ at their newly created Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza restaurant in Staten Island NY. However during the building of many restaurants and wild expansion he did find time to study acting at HB Studios in the West Village and the Beverly Hills Play House in Hollywood, CA.

.....This did lead to a lot of acting experience and ultimately to the coveted Screen Actor's Guild card. He also holds the rank of Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been featured on A History of New York with Ralph Penza on CBS. He attributes his incredible success to a fantastic supportive family and the incredible good luck of being introduced to the subject of Scientology while a patrolman with NYPD.

Marc Cosentino

Music by Daniel Robinson

.....Producer, composer and author Daniel Robinson studied music composition at the University of Alabama and Stony Brook University, as well as teaching creative writing at Stony Brook. He has written hundreds of compositions for instruments as well as voice. He performed extensively in New York's East Village in the 1990s, while his music/satire series Flommy the Robot aired on 100 college radio stations in 1994. His electronic piece Ambient Day was in the top 30 planetwide for 6 months in 2003. He was also included in the 100 best works compilation for that year. His latest album of electronica, Area 51, is available on iTunes, and his recent book continuing the Flommy the Robot series, Attack of the Robot Planet, is available at


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